Three Thousand Stitches

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Three thousand stitches by Sudha Murty is a collection of some of the many experiences that she had during her childhood, as a Philanthropist and as the chairman of Infosys Foundations.

About Sudha Murty

Sudha Murty is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a member of public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation. She has also established ‘The Murthy Classical Library of India’ at Harvard University.

She has won a number of awards for her outstanding work in the field of education, philanthropy, and technology.

Content of the book

The book contains 11 stories which are actually her real-life experiences. These stories paint the picture of our society and the changing face of it.

In her first lesson “three thousand stitches”, she shares her experience of how she helped women come out of the devadasi system. She had to bear the brunt of those ladies in the beginning. Only, when Sudha changed her appearance from modern Jeans to traditional saree, those women lend an ear to her.

A very simple but important lesson to learn from it: Change your attitude first and then try to influence others.

The second lesson “how to beat the boys” is one of the most important experiences that she had in her life. During her time, engineering was only considered as a male-dominated profession and when she took admission to one of the colleges, she found that she was the only girl in the class along with 149 boys. 

She broke the stereotype and who knew that someday in the future she would be the chairperson of one the tech giants of India, employing both boys and girls.

The story “cattle class” is the reality of humankind. People try to judge others by the brand of clothes that they are wearing, but judging by intelligence requires self-knowledge.

“ A day in Infosys Foundation “ outlines her busy schedule as the Chairperson of Infosys Foundation. As she is also a philanthropist, she had to deal with various kinds of people, some opportunistic some genuine. Now, she is 70 years of age and to carry that passion for helping people requires great determination.

“I can’t, we can” is the must-read story of this book if you are an alcoholic. Many people at their young age start drinking socially and after a few months, they got addicted to it without even noticing it.

They ruin their life, career, and family. The far-reaching consequences of drinking can be felt after reading this story. Although reading may not help you overcome addiction but when it comes to your family and children, you may want to think again.

Whom should read

People do not acknowledge Philanthropy separately. So when someone asks you which Sudha Murty do you know. Sudha Murty- The Infosys Chairperson or Sudha Murty- The Philanthropist, most of you will go with the former. But it takes a lot of heart to help people and is even more respectful than just any profession.

People look philanthropy as “they can donate because they have a lot” but People like Bill Gates and Sudha Murty defines humanism.

Girls must read about her experiences as the only girl in her class of 150 in the engineering college. After reading it, you will feel lucky that you are born in the right era where you don’t have to fight society for studying engineering.

Now, after half a century, we don’t even consider these things while taking admission to a college whether the applicant is a boy or a girl. But those who thought about it for the first time had to fight hard.

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