The Power of Positive Thinking

the power of positive thinking book


The Power of Positive Thinking is a book written by Norman Vincent Peale who is widely regarded as the Father of positive thinking.

This book presents real-world examples of what people can achieve by just believing in themselves. What are the outcomes of being faithful, honest and confident in one’s mind?

Throughout our childhood, we are taught to inculcate these qualities within ourselves but there are only a few people who attain purity at the brain. With this Book, Norman Vincent Peale has given an outline view on how that can be done.

About Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale was an American pastor who wrote many books on positive thinking like ‘You Can If You Think You Can’ and ‘Six Attitudes for Winners, ’.

With this book, he insists his readers to always hope for the best and always be positive. Don’t let the negativity flow inside you.

Norman Vincent Peale was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest civilian honor in the United States) on March 26, 1984, by President Ronald Reagan for his contributions to the field of theology.

Although he won this prestigious award, he faced criticism from psychiatrists and even from other pastors for his very idea of positive thinking.

The book focuses mainly on the positive thinking and the power that it possesses. There is a famous saying that to achieve a goal you will have to achieve it two times. Once in your mind and again in reality.

This book helps to achieve it in your mind. When you try to observe closely those people who are successful in any field, you will always find that they are very confident and positive about their success. They look sure about their abilities.

Content of the book

This book contains small real-life anecdotes about how people overcame their difficulties through positive thinking.

The book also represents Christianity through many quotes of the Christ which helped the people to believe in the almighty and work without hatred, grief, and hopelessness.

According to the critics “The Power of Positive Thinking includes many personal anecdotes that the reader has no way of validating” but the popularity gained by this book among the general public speaks volumes about its fruitfulness.

Whom should read

People around the world are suffering from the problem of inferiority complex i.e. to compare their lifestyle, standard, and requirements to the lives of other people.

Also one of the major issues is that we try to focus on other strengths and weaknesses more than ours.

‘The power of positive thinking’ reiterates that a pure soul is bound to be blessed by God.

A confident person will definitely achieve his goal. Not having a feeling of grudge against the wrongdoings of others will fill your mind with peacefulness.

Yes, it sounds strange in the context of the selfish world but it is what it is.

The book also introduces us to Christianity (for those, who want to know about other religions) and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Every religion has some teachings and what’s better than to accumulate them and reflect them in your personality.

Yes, many of you while reading the book will claim it to be superstitious but if you will be able to apply the teachings of this book in your daily routine you will come to know that you have changed the way of your thinking.

You will not be baffled by any situation in your life because inner peacefulness and your intuition will help you to solve the problem smoothly.

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