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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one the most read books across the world and there is a reason for it.

The book is a fable about following your dreams. We all like to experience stories in the form of a fable, a parable, or a movie.

What’s the most inspiring thing about the book is that it presents a story which is not only comprised of mysteries but also presents a picture of the challenges that a person has to face in order to accomplish his dream.

About Paulo Coelho

The life of the author, Paulo Coelho depicts that he was actually a part of this story.

Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He wanted to become a writer. But as expected, his parents had different plans for him and were admitted to a mental institution by his parents for not giving up the passion for literature.

Paulo Coelho was always a nonconformist and did what he liked doing. The huge success of this book is a testimony about his thought process about life.

Content of the book

The story of the alchemist starts with a shepherd who is in a dilemma of whether to pursue his dream of finding the treasure in Egypt or not.

Presently, he was living a boring life of looking after his sheep which he was doing only because of his longing to travel to new places.

He decided to pursue his dream but he had to leave his sheep and he was also emotional about it as they had become a part of his life.

Through different phases in the story, the author pictures different situations of human life.

He emphasizes that the road to success is not a straight one. If one has decided to chase his dreams, he must be ready to face the unthinkable.

Yes, it can be treacherous but can be adventurous too. To clarify, the path will not be a straight one and as shown in the story, will have some ravines and boulders, some blind turns, huge pastures, and endless deserts.

The beauty of this story is that it brings life to the reader’s mind as if the reader may think that his life is incomplete if he doesn’t face those situations.

It’s very refreshing to notice the metaphors used in the story for the visualization of the actual problems that a person faces when he starts to follow his dream.

The mighty success of the book is a good omen to the mighty success of the story and its effects.

It depicts that many individuals around the world have pursued their dream after reading this book which, beforehand they would have compensated just because of the fear of failure.

Whom should read

The Alchemist is one of those books which makes a person think. It points to the condition that when everything is normal in someone’s life, it in itself is a miracle of God but only if the respective person wants to look it that way.

We try to indulge ourselves in the comparisons which make it impossible to focus on what special qualities we possess as an individual.

This book is for those ‘freaky’ people who want to change, for those who know that they have something special in them but due to lack of confidence and fear of failure, they don’t want to pursue it.

Due to the fear of society, they suppress it and become a part of the ‘rat race’.

God has given us a lot more than we can think of and this book allows our mind to break the stereotype and propels us to follow our dreams.

At the same time, it also urges the readers to find peace and happiness in their daily life. If one thinks that his daily life is boring, it is just because there are a lot of things happening perfectly in sync for him for a long duration.

To be in the present without thinking too far ahead makes things easier for a person and he is able to take firm decisions.

For Students

This is a must-read book for students. Particularly for those who are downgrading their dreams just to fit your reality.

It’s better for us to understand that a skill too, can help you earn your bread and lead a peaceful and happy life, therefore, don’t hesitate to try.

You can define your own career and what you want to do with your life.

There are a lot of other fields of arts and literature which are not pursued just because of the fear of failure.

To sum up, maybe this book can help you to follow your dreams

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