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The 5 AM club is also one of the most popular books of Robin Sharma. This book guides us through how morning mastery can be achieved by following the 66-day formula.

Read this book to know about the victory hour and its benefits.

About Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a famous Canadian writer, who worked as a litigation lawyer until age 25 when he self-published a book on stress management and spirituality titled ‘MegaLiving’.

He is also the author of some of the world-famous books like “Who Will Cry When You Die” and “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari “.

He is one of the world’s premier speakers on Leadership and has founded a company ‘Sharma Leadership International’.

Content of the book

In order to express his views on the benefits of early rising, Robin Sharma doesn’t start giving lectures directly on the issue.

Instead, he chooses to display two of the most disturbed souls in the world, the entrepreneur and an artist who, barring the fact that they are above an average person, felt depressed about their capabilities.

Life of those two can be compared to anyone of us.

Both of them unexpectedly met with a homeless man, who was none other than Stone Reily, the billionaire.

Stone Reily offered to teach them the art of morning mastery and benefits that he himself had achieved by joining the 5 AM Club.

Impressed by the words of wisdom of the homeless man, the entrepreneur and the artist decided to explore what he was about to teach them.

He took them around the world to give different lessons. From Mauritius to India and Rome to South Africa, they had a very good time learning those lessons.

He took them to the Taj Mahal in Agra and reiterated the story of hard work and dedication it took to build that masterpiece.

He took them to the Robben Island of South Africa where Nelson Mandella was imprisoned for 18 long years. In total, he spent 27 years in prison.

Lessons to learn

According to Robin Sharma, you must invest 1 hour daily for your body and mind. It is the victory hour of 5 and 6 in the morning.

The book mainly focuses on how to build the four interior empires viz. mindset, heartset, soulset and healthset.

The implementation of the 20/20/20 formula in the victory hour of 5 and 6 will improve your concentration as well as productivity.

The book presents the famous 66-day mastery process to acquire a new habit. If you can follow this 66-day routine than you can acquire any habit. 

If you are a couch potato and want to become an early riser, just follow this 66-day routine, and then you won’t need any alarm clock whatsoever.

Also, waking early and exercising will turn into a habit and after that period you won’t be able to live without it. It will become as important a habit as brushing your teeth.

Best quotes from the book

All things are hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

one who sweats more in training bleeds less in war.

With every challenge comes the gorgeous opportunity to rise into your next level as a leader, performer and human being.

Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself -Leo Tolstoy

To find your best self you must lose your weak self

Victims love entertainment. Victors adore education

There’s a ton of competition at ordinary, but there’s almost none at extraordinary

World class is a process, not an event

Dedication and discipline beats brilliance and giftedness every day of the week.

An addiction to distraction is the death of your creative production

Whom should read

It is no secret that waking up early provides huge benefits to our bodies. But do you know what to do after that? The victory hour must be implemented in order to use the benefits of waking early. The 5 AM club introduces the concept of victory hour.

Waking up early gives us some time to feel fresh before a busy day. Just go to a park or a ground, somewhere near your house, or exercise or meditate as you prefer.

Everyone wants to wake up early, but it is our laziness that stops us. It’s true that just reading this book won’t make you an early riser. But the 66-day challenge as given in the book may spark a desire in you to at least try it once.

Everyone lives his life as he wants and there is no need to go by a book. But, if you are directionless as to how to plan your future, waking up early and giving some time to your body will never harm you.

Along with the body, mental health also improves drastically and prepares us for a busy schedule.

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