Internet and the Educational Revolution

internet and the educational revolution

The Internet has been a boon for mankind. Whenever a debate takes place of the top inventions that the world has ever had, fire and the wheel are generally considered to be game-changing discoveries. But, as the world has changed after the evolution of the internet, we just can’t omit the Internet from that list.

Over the period last three decades, we have seen the massive expansion of the internet and how it has shaped the world.

This article presents this revolution from a student’s perspective.

The shift of offline education to online

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The education system, which entirely depended on the quality of institutes has now been revolutionized.

What it means is even if your school lacks quality teaching, you get can the resources online in the form of videos, pdfs, books, etc.

YouTube, in itself, is a mine of knowledge that is not accessible to only a selected section of society. Its reach and popularity show that it has helped many learn new things.

The contribution from the Ecommerce

As the markets get available to small cities and villages, books can now be delivered anywhere. You can order a book on space science which you would never have found in the book shop next door.

Ecommerce has bridged the gap between the rural and the urban world. Also, it has provided a much bigger market for the sellers.

As the curiosity of the students rises to learn more, there was no option before. Now, you can get that delivered right to your house.

The competition gets tough

Students from places that lacked quality institutes had to travel to mega-cities for education. You must have known someone who went to KOTA city of Rajasthan for preparing for JEE(Joint Entrance Exam).

While migrating for getting admitted in a particular reputed institute make sense but migrating just to get coaching for an entrance exam really needs to get fixed.

Just see how ridiculous it feels, that a teacher who belongs to Bihar and a student who also belongs to Bihar went 1000 km away, one for a job one for good coaching.

The Internet has made sure that every child, sitting in any corner of the world can get access to the best faculties from not just of his own country but of the whole world. This also includes those students who can’t afford to live in such costly places.

The removal of upper limit for teachers

Imagine you are a teacher and you teach physics to students at your locality. You are an excellent teacher and your classes are flooded with students.

Here, even if you want, you can’t expand your classes. The limitation on the number of students in your class will be equivalent to the length and breadth of your classroom. How many batches can you operate in a day? So, there is always a limit to what you earn.

As the internet knocks on your door and you decide to teach online and even sell your courses, the upper limit gets removed. Now, students from around the country and world can get the benefits of your extraordinary teaching skills.

Education gets affordable

Migration not just separates you from your parents it also changes your lifestyle. You have to adopt different eating habits and adjust to the climate of the new place. The coaching institutes require money for their services. So, in all, it’s quite costly to actually migrate.

But, as these institutes shift their teaching online, they can now sell their courses to even more students than they can accommodate previously.

Due to this, competitiveness between these institutes has risen to provide the best faculty at the cheapest price. This really has opened doors for many students who can’t migrate or can’t afford that fee previously.

“Please repeat sir”

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Many of you must have said these words while attending a class. The format of recorded videos gives us the opportunity to watch complex topics again and again.

In an offline class, there will always be a limit as to how many times you can ask your teacher before he gets frustrated. In the online system of education, you can rewind the lecture according to your desire.

Playing the video at the desired speed is also a very interesting and inhuman concept. It helps immensely while revision. Only software could have done this.

Also, as the number of teachers is limitless, you can choose between the teachers who can make you understand the complex topics more clearly.


Although Internet has made this possible, we will have to take into account the contribution by Google.

concept of earning

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Everything gets competitive when money enters the stage. Youtubing and blogging have opened the door for many. Getting a platform is not just enough, there has to be a monetary benefit that motivates the creators to work hard.

Google, with the concept of Google ads and AdSense, made sure that people take YouTubing and blogging seriously. As the profession become serious, creators give their best to impress the users.

More visitors to your content means more revenue from advertisements. Similarly, more visitors to your advertisement means more sales of your product.

The digital Marketing

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When a tree grows, branches come out of it. The digital Marketing can said to be a branch of beautifully grown tree of internet.

As people come online with full dedication to show their content to the world, marketing industry also gets the benefit of it. Now you can also market your content so that it reaches new audiences. As more people like your work, you revenue increases further.

Digital marketing propelled many offline businesses to increase their sales not just to their local city but worldwide.

The digital marketing allows you to market your product at much cheaper rate and that too, to your choice of audience.

So, if you are a teacher who taught physics to JEE aspirants, you can decide to market your courses to specially those students who are preparing for the same.

The prices of advertising digitally is comparatively much lower than it costs in print or television.

Recognition from the masses

This is a very special outcome of this revolution. People who we call a celebrity are generally movie stars or sportsman or some renowned personalities of other fields.

You would have to be an extraordinary professor, teaching at a renowned institute to get recognition and popularity like a celebrity.

How many professors or teachers do you follow on twitter?

But, due to the level playing field provided by the internet (YouTube to be more specific), people now believe that they can get that long desired fame with their talent. Technology has opened doors in many different ways.

With internet reaching the wider audience, now the barrier of language has reduced. You just need to serve the audience of your choice.

So, if you are a teacher, who doesn’t know how to speak English but is very confident about your knowledge and sharing it with your students in your native language, you are good to go.

This, article will not be complete if I undermine the importance of schools in our lives. Though, internet has helped a lot, it cannot replace the activities that goes on in school. The environment of a classroom, the teacher-students relationship and teamwork can’t be taught remotely.

But internet is really on the path, which was imagined by its founder Tim Berners-Lee, at least in the field of education.

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