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With India still importing basic products from around the world, it is the need of the hour to look into the Indian education system and find out why we haven’t become self-reliant to date.

Why I mentioned the education system here is that only through knowledge and proper work, we can bring the desired change. Countries around the world that have led the world have always been innovative.

Education must be the priority of every nation which is trying to be independent. Importing everything from around the world while you are capable of manufacturing it yourself is not a wise step forward.

The need of the hour is such that now we must have a system which transforms not only the life of the child but also contributes to the development of the country.

The Problem of Indian Education System

Now that you know what the problem is, a question must be popping in your mind is that this system has provided noble prize winners, world leaders, etc. But the answer is in the video itself:

The best in India will always be the best in the world when it comes to education

They were successful not just by following the system but because of their desire to learn more than the system demanded.

For all the noble laureates this country has produced it has much to do with their longing to gain as much knowledge of their fields.

Yes, colleges have contributed but in a large country like India, their share is negligible.

Step Forward

We need to provide more facilities in primary schools across the country. Proper infrastructure, good teachers, computer labs.

Education is that area which gives the best returns when invested because it involves the interest of the nation.

As the population of our nation is large and it is impossible to provide government jobs to each and every unemployed, so it is mandatory that we focus on making our youth skillful.

Meanwhile, what we can do with the students who have got degrees and are waiting for a job, we can throw problems at them to solve and reward them with a career in that field.

As for one example, the agriculture sector has many problems in our country. It includes huge dependency on rain every year, drought, lack of storage, damage to the harvest due to untimely rainfall, etc.

Now, if we dedicate ourselves to solving these problems, we could learn what we want. Just pick one problem which matches your field of interest and then dedicate yourself to make things happen.

Then our education will be practical problem-oriented and the problem-solving skills that we would develop will not only help our country to progress but will also make us confident enough to solve our personal life problems. We can always read reports of governmental data as the starting point of our discussion.

Possible Solution

1. Build many quality institutions across our country which are practical oriented, means let the student learn what they want. Just provide them with books, teachers, and let them be.

2. Throw problems at them and ask them to solve it. For example, take note of farmers’ suicides every year in our country. Just go on the field and understand their situation.

Collect and read reports on what are the reasons for their suicide? Are they depending too much on the rainfall? What happens when the rainfall is good? How much storage space do they have to store their harvest?

Now in method 2, you would not need any degree from any institute. Just study as you witness the situation. Read articles of the persons working in that field.

Read books dedicated to that problem. Just try to find a solution keeping in mind its cost-effectiveness and how it can affect the environment.

You won’t even know which part of the journey will provide you the financial benefit which is mainly the starting point when someone chooses a profession in India.

This second method can be more diverse and can involve as many students as it can. There will always be a limitation with the number of institutions in such a vastly populated country but the list of problems to solve is endless. So if we could pick our problems to solve, we would reach the goal of education.

Role Model

Now as we are discussing how problems can be solved, let’s witness one of the flagbearers who is showing us the path.

He is an IAS officer and has started his bit, time for yours……

There are a lot of things on the internet that go viral across our country. Can these two videos be circulated enough to let us, the young generation of the country know what actually the problem of the educational system is?

The practical visualization of education is necessary.

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