Eat Pizza only when you have water to drink

delhi pollution


The capital of India, New Delhi is one of the most preferred places to live in India. But in recent times, Delhi pollution is making it difficult to believe.

Being the national capital, New Delhi has some of the most famous educational institutions across the country. Every year, thousands of students arrive in Delhi pursuing their dreams and to turn them into reality.

Not only that, the headquarters of many governmental bodies are located in the city which also has led to an increase in the number of employees who are not native to Delhi. These mainly belong to the underdeveloped state of Bihar, UP, and Jharkhand.

Matter of concern

As the job opportunities in these states are quite low, people migrate to more developed cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Pune. But when the development is not sustainable, it brings with it a mass change in the natural orientation of the place.

In the past few years, Delhi has transformed into a gas chamber. An emergency-like situation has made it impossible for dwellers to even breathe in the fresh air. An increase in the use of the face mask is a clear indication that we are not heading in the right direction.

Not only Delhi, but the situation of many other cities like Kanpur and Patna is also concerning.

I always wonder how easily people have accepted the usage of masks and air purifiers. I can feel that someday in the near future we shall be using oxygen cylinder on a daily basis.

Yea, we are still fighting for the right to education but now the discussion may shift to the right to breathe because pure air is far more necessary than anything else.

The situation has become so severe that schools are closed just because the air is not clean enough to breathe.

I don’t know what picture of India we want to paint in front of the world.

For all those people who have a habit of making comparisons like Delhi is one of the most developed cities in our nation, this is the time I can proudly say to you that I am grateful that our state is underdeveloped. Yes, it’s better to die due to lack of quality doctors and hospitals than to die due to lack of pure air.

World on the issue

Around the world, pollution and climate change have taken center stage in the elections.

Leaders around the world are presenting their manifestos as how they would approach the problem and find the solutions.

They are mainly concerned about the future of their children but we are not capable enough to control our present.

When do we think that it will fit into the Indian election campaign?

As we have already started losing lives due to pollution. Now, it is the right time to start a discussion on it because politics can only survive if there are people breathing in a country.

For all the progress we are making, the situation of our national capital has grabbed the most international headlines.

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So, Eat Pizza only when you have water to drink

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