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IITs and the extraordinary students


Introduction Thousands of students in India apply every year to get admitted to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology(IIT). Out of the total candidates who apply, less than 2% get a chance to study in these colleges. Here is an old but relevant video explaining what IITs mean to the…

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General Competition Exams and the rise of Middle Class

INTRODUCATION When India got Independence in 1947, the number of people below the poverty line was approximately 80% and the literacy rate of the country was 12%. In 2019, data is standing at about 6.7% below the poverty line and a 74.04% literacy rate. This blog presents a very different…

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Internet and the Educational Revolution

internet and the educational revolution

The Internet has been a boon for mankind. Whenever a debate takes place of the top inventions that the world has ever had, fire and the wheel are generally considered to be game-changing discoveries. But, as the world has changed after the evolution of the internet, we just can’t omit…

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Lessons From 2020 For Students

Introduction Humans have always tried to simplify things for the sake of their convenience. Behind every discovery or invention, there is intent to make something simpler. Now, for the purpose of conveying these simplified things to the students, they are being distributed among subjects and then taught in schools, colleges,…

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How can interest in reading books be generated among children?

boy reading book

Introduction Books play a very important role in our lives. During school days, as children, our main focus is to score as much as we could in our exams. We don’t bother too much if we are understanding what is being taught or not. As a child, we try to…

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Indian Education System- Needs a Restart Button

indian education problem

Introduction With India still importing basic products from around the world, it is the need of the hour to look into the Indian education system and find out why we haven’t become self-reliant to date. Why I mentioned the education system here is that only through knowledge and proper work,…

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Eat Pizza only when you have water to drink

delhi pollution

Introduction The capital of India, New Delhi is one of the most preferred places to live in India. But in recent times, Delhi pollution is making it difficult to believe. Being the national capital, New Delhi has some of the most famous educational institutions across the country. Every year, thousands…

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Best Education System in the world

apple on book

Do you know which country in the world has the best Education System? Are you excited to learn what are the differences in their education system as compared to ours? Here’s is a very interesting video which I found on youtube. After watching it you will be shocked to know…

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