Best Education System in the world

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Do you know which country in the world has the best Education System?

Are you excited to learn what are the differences in their education system as compared to ours?

Here’s is a very interesting video which I found on youtube. After watching it you will be shocked to know that the country with the best education system in the world does not prefer giving homework to students.

Also according to them, 20 hours of schooling in a week is sufficient to educate students.

One can say after watching the video that it is not only about subject learning. Education means grooming the mind of a child to learn new niches.

When they get the idea of what they want to become, the child itself takes the right path. Yea, It sounds a little strange that students make their own decisions and are not forced to study a particular subject as in most countries of the world. But, education was supposed to be like this.

Finland, the country with the best education system of the world has correctly understood what education means and what are the goals of the education.

According to policymakers education has a greater goal of conditioning the mind of a child and not just to make them job-ready.

When the entire focus of the teacher on ‘grooming’ the mind of a child, they tend to achieve more. The simple science is that they are not forced by anyone to learn anything.

‘Every child is special’ can be visualized by implementing this system. When the mind of a child is free to learn anything, they could end up learning everything.

Finland’s education system gives the opportunity to live life and learn new skills only for the sake of it as it should be.

When the teacher says that there is no private school in our country which means that the millionaire businessmen of the country make sure that the government schools function properly.

The child of those businessmen study in the same school, so they make sure that the facilities in the government school are equivalent to any other private school.

It’s very heartening to note that leaders around the world think like leaders. It shows the power they possess in decision making.

Watching the video I can pray that every country in the world has an education system like that. If not, hope parents can groom their child like that. Maybe then, the world will be a better place to live

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