Books: Your best defense against unwanted conversation

About the website

Worthyletters.com is dedicated to students and to be more exact, to bibliophiles.

In recent times, the books have lost their place in our lives. Reading books is now being considered boring and many people even regard reading as time-wasting.

As the courses and syllabus do matter to students in their careers, reading just for improving oneself has lost priorities in our lives. This website tries to achieve the same.

Now, when you recommend someone a book, the very first question that he/she will ask is why should I read this and how much I benefit from it?

So, every book review has a section of whom should read to address the importance of that book.

Surely, you will not get any rewards in terms of marks after reading a book, but the rewards are huge when you try to implement those lessons in your lives.

The increasing popularity of YouTube and Web Series has taken the space of television. But everything can’t be replaced no matter how much mankind progresses and books are one of them.

Blog section

The English and Hindi blog section of the website takes into account the progress being made in the field of education. It mainly focuses on what must be the purpose of education and why education is more than just the path to earn a living.

About me

Abiral pic

Hi friends, I am Abiral Barahpuria.

I like reading for learning. Book reading enhances my point of view about the world, people, and their behavior. I like to read about the contributions of the influential people who have lived or living on this planet. Their thought process has really paved the way for future generations.

I started Worthyletters.com with the purpose of making others read books by explaining in a bit detail as to why one should read a particular book.

I hope you like my website and its content