What to Expect from Schooling


Introduction The concept of schooling is propounded to be the best way to formalize children. They learn to play, make friends, read, learn about behaviors and manners in school. It all feels good until the concept of employment…

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The “Digital” Contribution


Introduction As the news of the YouTube contribution to the Indian GDP headlined the newspapers, it was quite obvious that it would catch eyeballs all across the country. This news not only makes us optimistic about the future…

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IITs and the extraordinary students


Introduction Thousands of students in India apply every year to get admitted to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology(IIT). Out of the total candidates who apply, less than 2% get a chance to study in these colleges. Here…

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General Competition Exams and the rise of Middle Class

INTRODUCATION When India got Independence in 1947, the number of people below the poverty line was approximately 80% and the literacy rate of the country was 12%. In 2019, data is standing at about 6.7% below the poverty…

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Internet and the Educational Revolution

internet and the educational revolution

The Internet has been a boon for mankind. Whenever a debate takes place of the top inventions that the world has ever had, fire and the wheel are generally considered to be game-changing discoveries. But, as the world…

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Lessons From 2020 For Students

Introduction Humans have always tried to simplify things for the sake of their convenience. Behind every discovery or invention, there is intent to make something simpler. Now, for the purpose of conveying these simplified things to the students,…

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थिंक एंड विन लाइक धोनी

think and win like dhoni

थिंक एंड विन लाइक धोनी स्फूर्ति सहारे द्वारा संकलित अंग्रजी पुस्तक ‘think and win like Dhoni’ का हिंदी अनुवाद हैI इस पुस्तक में स्फूर्ति सहारे ने धोनी के साथ किए गए एक साक्षात्कार के अनुभव को साझा किया…

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कोरोना काल के बाद की दुनिया

earth in mask

कोरोना वायरस ने सारी दुनिया को अपने ज़द में कर लिया है। 100 साल बाद ऐसी महामारी आई है जिसने दुनिया के परमाणु संपन्न देशों को घुटनों पर ला दिया है। एक बार को तो यह सोचना भी…

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

rich dad poor dad book

Introduction Rich dad poor dad is a self-help book which helps to increase your financial understanding. The book mainly provides information as to how rich people use the money to work for them and not an average person…

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Nadella: The changing face of Microsoft

satya nadella book

Introduction Nadella: The changing face of Microsoft is a book about the third and the current CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Satya Nadella by Jagmohan S. Bhanver. The book presents the visions of Mr. Nadella as how he sees…

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